Leica D-Lux 7 - scarcity of information.

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Re: Leica D-Lux 7 - scarcity of information.

Bob wrote:

The Leica D L 7 is intriguing. But it's hard to find real hands-on reviews - especially ones which compare it to its Panasonic counterpart. DPR doesn't have a full review of the Leica. Neither does Imaging-Resources.

Do any of you DPR members actually own one of these? What's your impression?

I use the D-Lux 109 (1 gen older) and I've shot Panasonic M4/3 for years.  A lot of people, including myself, are not crazy about Panasonic colors out of camera.  Truth is they are not wildly different from Leica but there is a difference.  I think they use a different color palette at the RAW level as they edit a little different.

Over time I got used to Panasonic colors but I find they didn't do well with bright colored hockey helmets in my photo's.  They protect the highlights too much and even exposed well to the right the highlights needed a push or even a bit of exposure added to take out the muddiness. Shooting flowers especially red, pink and orange I find my Panasonic's (particularly the GX8) over saturated and hard to edit.

But it really depends on what you shoot.  For outdoor fall scenes, my GX8 colors rendered some of the nicest pics I've made.  So it's subjective and you do need to find your own path.

I spent a little more on the D-Lux 109 because in general I prefer Leica's color palette (I used to shoot a D-Lux 5 too).  I find bright colors easier to edit than my Panasonic files.  I haven't shot an LX100 but I will say there is something Leica looking about the D-Lux files that I did't see in my Panasonic files, even with the Leica branded M4/3 lenses.  That said the D-Lux doesn't create files like my M-D rangefinder so even if it's more Leica than an LX100 it won't take you all the way to getting a Leica look.

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