Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

Crazy High ISO man, ignore these experts!

Simply reset your settings by resetting the camera. Then , do NOT set auto ISO ever at all. Run the thing on P setting and set the ISO yourself.

I have years of experience with Nikons and , it is best to set things like high ISO NR in the menu to low, and I have not EVER used higher than 1600 because even though these days you can, dynamic range begins to decline after about ISO 400, even on my D850. It certainly does on a D800 which is possibly comparable to yours due to its smaller pixels, being 36MP and dating from 2012.

Unless there are loads of light tones in your picture area, you can safely set exposure compensation at -0.7 stops up to at least 320 ISO. You will not lose any shadow detail to noise and you will retain pretty well all highlight detail (though -1.0 stop is great for dew-loaded images like raindrops on roses, & whiskers on kittens.

If you get DXO software your noise reduction will be superior, and your fine sharpening to anything Adobe sell, because their NR sliders allow for a mere 0.5 pixel base sharpening, which leads to blocky noisy fine detail. DXO fine sharpening for both luminance and colour noise can be chosen even at 0.10 pixel sharpening, and in addition there are contrast sliders too.

I routinely use 0.13 pixels with 100% detail and 33% contrast even on mobile phone DNGs and certsainly on D800 and D850 images, but you might decide not even to bother with sharpening at all, as you have no low-pass filter on your sensor and so the results are already as sharp as your lens !

It costs but is well worth it. You can install the Elite Edition on up to 3 machines, Windows or Mac, and you can then get upgrades SEPARATELY as other programmes for around 50-60 pounds.

Cheap now I believe on account of Black Friday. Hope this is heeded!

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