Why my 14-24mm f/2.8G not sharp?

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Re: Why my 14-24mm f/2.8G not sharp?

primeshooter wrote:

First one is well off, is this on a tripod, because if not, 1/30 is too low a shutter to test.

Regarding the other shots there are some changes in sharpness I am seeing. It really would have been better if you had taken the camera lens and tripod and manually focus to see if there is something wrong with it's AF, or tuning. Without doing that no one can say what is going on as some shots are sharper than others, but you have used different focal lengths. That said, if I'd seen first shot in isolation I'd say the lens has a tilted element.

Go out to a field or park with maybe a distant tree line, tripod, LV and the lens / camera. Take shots at 14mm at 2.8 and f8, then 20mm 2.8 and f/8, then 24mm the same. Each one LV focused manually to get the sharpest out of the lens, and a flat field will show the focal plane irregularity and indicate once and for all if there is a tilted element. We need a long flat foreground to see this, nothing else will do.

Many thanks for the suggestion. I'll do more tests with manual focus, which already means this 14-24 needs special treatment as if otherwise it's going to fail.

Yes, the first two shots with the " Forrest Gump" book were done with a very sturdy tripod. For shots in such a distance (about 2 meters) my 24-120mm always wins no matter what.

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