Age old question - to M or to R?

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Age old question - to M or to R?

OK, so I'm right in the middle of the 'Canon frustration triangle' - enjoying the M system, but wanting a better body (basically M6ii with built in EVF) and a better standard zoom (15-60 F4 IS please!?). That has me considering a few options -

1- Stick with my M5 until I either go with an M6ii or burn the M5ii candle a bit longer

2 - Bail to the R system, as it seems that there's more room to grow there and it will be around much longer than the M's.

3 - Bail to another system like Fuji, but really this is less likely than 1 or 2.

I was just starting to settle my mind on #1, but then I saw this crazy deal for a refurbished RP for just $687.  Given that Canon's starting to put some lower cost R lenses out there, it's not like you need $2,000 for some lenses to go along with the RP anymore and there's more coming.  I'm especially considering the RP with the new 50mm 1.8 as compared to an M with the 32mm 1.4, where the M setup is actually more expensive now.

Top priorities for me are -

1- Good to great AF performance.  My M5 is OK here, but it can be hard to get it as reliable as my old Rebel where at least you knew the exact spot it was focusing on versus 'somewhere in this pretty big box'.  I'm almost always in Servo, so I usually can't use the smaller AF box.

2- Overall responsiveness.  My M5 can be frustratingly laggy here.

3 - Size and weight.  Really the RP with the 50mm 1.8 is almost the same size as the M5 with the 32mm 1.4.

4 - Cost.  Funds are limited as I'm just doing this for fun, for now....

5 - Having options in the future.  This is where the M system really falls down, as there's really no guarantees about where it's going.  I'm not one that believes it'll go away any time soon, but it's just so clear that Canon is only maintaining it as a cash cow offering to those that used to just buy a Rebel and never look at lenses or upgrading ever again.  And I just don't fall into that category at all....

Sigh... so Canon has succeeded in keeping me permanently in their camp, but also perpetually frustrated.  Bleh.


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