Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

ajdb wrote:

whatamIdoingwrong wrote:

Thank you for the reply. I took some more tonight and did have to run up the ISO to compensate for the low light. I guess I unfortunately need to invest in at least one new lens to help because neither that I have is really a portrait lens with lower than f3.5. Both lens are F mount DX. One is a 55-300mm and other is 18-55mm. I know I can simply compensate with flash or better light but those soft light photos of sweet moments are part of what I want to capture.

Wait what?? why are you running DX lenses on your Z6? You are cutting off a huge part of the sensor? If you are on a budget, I would try and pick up a used 24-70 F4 S or maybe even better a 24-200mm (doubt there will be many used though).

If you want low light on a budget you can pick up a used F mount 50mm 1.8G with an FTZ.

You'll see another leap in performance once you use the correct lenses (not DX!) on your Z6

You hit the nail on the head with budget. The FTZ adapter was only $50 with the body only purchase. I had researched and I understood the trade offs with the expectation that I could purchase a Z mount lens maybe after Christmas.  I added a 50mm Z mount to the wish list and I'll probably make the leap early next year.

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