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Re: Try opening up files on a Syquest disc Mika!

Weegee wrote:

And those are not that old!

I actually used to have a SyQuest 44 MB drive with a few disks back in early 90's. When I migrated to a computer with a more traditional IDE hard drive a few years later, of course all relevant data was migrated as well. Actually, I still have that computer (with an upgraded hard disk, where the data once again was migrated), since it (an Amiga 4000) was kind of an end of era for me, moving from Commodore family of computers to x86 hardware and Linux. It still works, although I have long since backed up its hard drive to a more modern storage too. So, I have no trouble accessing any files I once had on a SyQuest drive/disks

However, if I'd really wish to access files on a SyQuest disk that would be handed to me now, it probably wouldn't be a hugely difficult deal. I would probably initially check if a local digital archeology team known as Kasettilamerit would already have a working setup for extracting the data, since they do routinely copy data from a huge range of legacy storage medias.

If not, based on a quick googling session, using SyQuest drives on Linux seems to be still possible (didn't check about other operating systems) and e.g. EBay seems to list secondhand drives as being available. Depending on the kind of interface a particular drive uses, something like a SCSI card might also be needed.

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