Safari constantly reloads certain sites

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Re: Safari constantly reloads certain sites

lightandaprayer wrote:

Apple has done an excellent job wrecking Safari so I quit using it shortly after the v.13 "upgrade" which disabled all of the privacy extensions I had been using for years.

I have been using Brave for almost a year now and I prefer it to Firefox mainly because IMO Brave is more user-friendly. Brave is compatible with Chrome extensions. I currently have 8 installed, most of which are designed to increase Internet privacy and security.

When I ran the new EFF Cover Your Tracks tracking and fingerprinting test my current configuration of Brave was rated at "strongly protected" against Internet tracking.

Apple seems to be in the process of wrecking everything.  iPhoto  met most of my needs, which are not met by any other programme I have looked at, but it’s replacement Photos is utterly vile.  The iPhone interface is no longer fully internally consistent and sometimes so small that it is hard to read and use (designed solely with 20-30 year olds in mind).  My 2020 iMac gives me the annoying spinning ball for simple tasks and at least as as often as my  2009 one, etc

I may have to consider a third party browser.


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