Nikon D7500- pixelated/posterised images on the back lcd

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Re: Nikon D7500- pixelated/posterised images on the back lcd

K Mcgregor wrote:

I'm having a weird problem with my Nikon D7500. On the back lcd, photos look weirdly posterised and pixellated, as if they are being saved with a reduced amount of colours, like a low quality gif.

As well as generally looking terrible, it gets in the way of my telling whether or not things are sharp or not, especially at night, because it turns everything into a blocky mess.

The camera is only two years old, has never had a single accident or been out in the rain, and is obnoxiously just out of warranty. Thankfully I think that I have an insurance policy that will cover it (not 100% sure) if it needs repairs.

I always use it on manual mode, and it's also had several changes of battery since the problem started.

Anyone had this problem before? Tips on things to try?

Likely to be a loose contact in the wiring, needing service.  Try a reset to factory settings -- if the problem goes away it is a software bug.  Try shaking the camera vigourously -- if the problem gets better or worse, it is a hardware fault.

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