For whatever it means, Flickr activity by Fuji camera

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Re: For whatever it means, Flickr activity by Fuji camera

Egil Stroemme wrote:

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It kind of stands to reason that the longer a camera has been around, the more pictures will have been taken with it and posted to Flickr. At the same time, the declining use of flickr over the years makes it less likely than any of the newer Fuji’s will ever make a dent in the XT2s record. I closed my Flickr account years ago now so it’s never going to know how much I’ve used Fuji’s other cameras since.

I have registered myself the declining use of Flickr. May l ask if you have moved to other platforms to share your photos. I use Instagram more these days than Flickr. Nice to know sort of in a way😉

Everything has moved on since Flickr’s heyday - for storage I now pay for iCloud as it’s so well integrated into all my apple devices, and that serves as a private sharing platform too when I want to share high quality* photos with specific people/family/friends.

For the general public - it’s Instagram. I like the limitations and simplicity of it. I publish for the square frame. I do literally nothing to promote it at all (half my friends and family don’t even know I’m on there) and it’s fun to just put pictures out there and see what happens.

* by high quality I mean higher resolution, less compressed etc - not high art!

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