Rokinon/Samyang 10mm f2.8 vs. 14mm f2.8 vs 16mm f2.0

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Re: Rokinon/Samyang 10mm f2.8 vs. 14mm f2.8 vs 16mm f2.0

nighthiker wrote:


Very simple lens testing: Focus on a distant object in the center and take a picture. Now move the camera so that this object will be in a corner of the picture and take the next picture without re-focusing. Redo for all corners. Tripod, manual, same exposure and remote timer! Compare the results in 100% view on your screen. The corners will be worse than the center - unless you test the Sigma A 40/1.4 - but they should be 'similar' worse. Otherwise: send your Samyangs/Rokinons back again. That's what I did ...

Unfortunately, this daytime test will not tell you what stars will look like at night, which is kind of the point.

A lens intended for star fields needs to be tested on a star field with the same long exposures normally used for starfields to reveal the faint parts of stellar aberrations not seen in daytime tests.


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