Canon R5 Hand-Held

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Re: Canon R5 Hand-Held: the pixels are much smaller.

Davidof_CR wrote:

Difficult to answer.

I have both, but there were no time to compare them both in the same situation.

If you value lightness of your gear and if you never use tripod, then EM1-3 has a lot to offer, especially with 12-100. Such lens is difficult to beat - with 24-100 you have half the reach. 24-240 is no match to 12-100, I think.

It also depends, what other lenses you plan, and how much you value thin depth of field.

With EM1-3 + 12-100 + 25/1.2 you can travel the world and bring beautiful pictures.

With R6 + 24-105 + 50/1.8 too

But you might miss the 106-200 reach, HHHR, 1-2 sec exposures, Live ND, Live Composite, PreCapture, 60 RAWs/sec ...

It all depends on you


@Funny Valentine


thank you for your replies! they do not make the choice easier though ))

taking into account all you said I do lean to Oly because of all those nice tricks like hhhr, live nd and composite and all, and it seems like ibis is a bit better compared to canon, i would leave tripod at home whenever possible. but single shot IQ is obviously better with either canon. will have to try Oly software to see how my laptop handles it.

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