1080p on 8 meter screen

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Re: 1080p on 8 meter screen--you can do it!

threed123 wrote:

I have a 160" diagonal screen (about 3.5 meter wide). I project onto it with an Optoma UHD52ALV 4K projector in bluray 3D (HD MPO file images in bluray 3D frame-packed format). The projector projects the two 3D images in 1080p, but they are really nice to look at. That said if you can project two passive 4k upscaled images on an 8 meter wide screen. It would be the same effect I'm seeing, and the detail should be very nice. That said, the audience should be at least 8 meters or further away, though. And the objects at infinity in your 3D images should be close to 6.35 centimeters apart (2.5") at most to start with, especially if people sit closer than 8 meters. As you go beyond 6.35 centimeters (or 2.5") your eyes tend to turn out from each other to view the image. If you are far enough from the screen this is a marginal problem, but close up, it can be a headache, especially in young children. In fact I don't recommend allowing children to view this size image. It can be mind blowing to them, if they are too close. You might also find that if you keep objects at infinity at 6.35 cm, it might force a lot of closer object out of the 3D window into the audience area. This is actually fun to watch if you can keep these objects from touching the sides of the 3D window. You will have to experiment before showing this to more people, trust me, I've had people throw their glasses down when things either got to far out of the window or to far apart at infinity.

Thanks for the information.

I project on 4 meter wide with distance of 4 meters. I tested on some viewers (30 friends) and they were very comfortable. So for bigger screen You say I must have further distance.

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