A7R IV and LA-EA3 vs. LA-EA5 for non-screw drive lenses

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Re: A7R IV and LA-EA3 vs. LA-EA5 for non-screw drive lenses

TheVoid wrote:

I've just ordered an a7RIV and Sony 24-105/F4G, and added an LA-EA5 adapter as an impulse buy. But looking at my A-mount lens collection, there are only a handful of screw-drive Minolta primes (all covered by the 24-105 range) and the 35-70/f4 zoom that I would be adapting; the rest have internal motors. Primary among those is the full frame Sony 70-400G2, and a couple of crop-sensor lenses I'd use occasionally (Tokina 11-16/f2.8 and Sony 16-50/f2.8).

So Would I have done better to order the LA-EA3 to use with these motorized A-mount lenses, or are there other advances in the LA-EA5 that make it a better option even for non-screw drive lenses?

(I could post this in the A-mount forum as well, as it's sort of a hybrid question!)


With non-screwdrive lenses I think it provides nearly all the functionality of native lenses including all the tracking and detection functions, which I don't *think* do th LA-EA3 does, or at least not as fully.

Even with screwdrive lenses it does that, but probably not as well just due to the mechanics. I'm a little surprised they even included that functionality considering how old even the newest screw drive lenses are now, but it's pretty cool to see it work.

I have an old 80s minolta 28-135 f4 zoom which is remarkably decent given it's era, and with the LA-EA5 it's got a bit of a new life.

The only thing is if you have other bodies besides the a7r IV, the LA-EA5 won't really work fully with them, while the EA3 will work with everything as far as I know.

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