Photography is going backwards!

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Re: Oh for heaven's sake

57even wrote:

Compare like with like.

Stop comparing the historical 'greats' ...who keeps moaning about how much better it used to be.


My point.

"Back in the day, we all went out with large-format cameras, put the utmost effort into proper exposure and composition and then spent days in the darkroom to make the perfect print."

No, it wasn't like that. 99.9% of the photos taken in the film days were crap and printed at the local drugstore. For every Ansel Adams, 10000000 Uncle Bobs.

So, please stop the whining about the "good old days". And yes, I com from that era, still shoot 120. But I try not to be stuck in the "blabla film was great, everything is crap today" mindset.

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