Photography is going backwards!

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Re: Wait a bit. Coming up: 8K OLED displays
  1. TN Args wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

RUcrAZ wrote:

I love your charming diatribe! If it's directed at the "prints" issue, you're absolutely right.

The bright future is, however, that your glorious, sharp, colorful creations will be shown on 55"-65", thin, wall-mounted 8K OLED displays, and there they will display their truly stunning beauty - something that no print could come even close to matching!

So, it's a matter of time, until homes and galleries will no longer hang "paper." In other words, the display medium is in the process of changing, to something spectacular.

You clearly have little experience of fine photographic printing. Neither analogue nor digital.

And how is your experience of the future 8K HDR OLED displays?

He is right: there are some things that a great display panel can do that a print can't. Simply by virtue of being backlit, just for starters. Whether there are any things about prints that a future display panel can't match is an interesting debate I'm sure, but is not what he said.

His main point is also correct: the 'small screens mean big cameras are pointless' argument is fake, because it ignores the fact that there will be a minority of people interested in large image viewing, and the big cameras serve this.

In the past, large screens have been unsatisfactory due to poor resolution, poor DR, and limited colour space. Your comment applies to them. But photographers should be excited, because large screens are finally 'getting there', and the day is nigh when they will be rewarding to examine closely in the same manner as a fine print. Especially when set up well, instead of like a TV in a whitegoods showroom, ugh.


As I said. Someone who clearly has no experience of the photographic fine print. This is indeed yet another way to display photography but it will not be able to reproduce the qualities of a toned silver print or the surface textures of a digital print on high quality art paper.

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