Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: Hands Down DXO Deep Prime end of story

ProDude wrote:

You can argue this till the cows come home but I can virtually guarantee for shear ease of use and end result and lack of deterioration of detail while providing best noise removal DXO has this down to a science. Topaz is very good indeed but it's NOT up to the challenge of what DXO brings to the table. Frankly on occasion I rather like the plug in from NIK called Dfine. I can dial that in rather nicely. It takes more fiddling but I can get it done nicely if I get picky.

I can not argue that.   I agree that this new DeepPrime is a real contender in PL4 now.  I will use it first for my noise filtering but I will keep my Topaz packages though.  A lot depends on exact nature of the problem. It is good to have choices with the harder problems.

I would definitely start with DeepPrime since I use PL 4 for most all of my still shots.

I did preorder Luminar AI which has made significant claims but in I have not had any strong results with any of the noise reduction in the current Luminar 4.  It seems to focus on changing the look with plugins along the line of some parts of the Nik Collection.

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