Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - teleconverter AF issues?

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Re: Update Re: Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - teleconverter AF issues?

I know this is an old post, but as many people started selling their Sigma's, there is a good stock in the second hand market these days. I presume many people, like myself, have thoughts of buying this glass second hand. Buying this lens second hand in a good deal should be a no brainer IMO! I have personally bought the lens in a good deal, after reading in Brad Hill's review, that any focus shifting issues described above, became resolved once the lens was properly fine tuned via the dock. Indeed with a proper calibration, any focus shifting disappeared. I have only MFT the lens bare so far and once I receive my ordered 1401 TC, I will also MFT the lens with the TC. Sigma is known for copy variation (otherwise it wouldn't have a USB Dock and wouldn't come as cheap), so proper fine tuning was always a must, with all my Sigmas.

So if you are out there on the look for a good deal, don't be put off by all these reviews about how bad this lens focus shifts with some bodies, simply get yourselves a Sigma USB, use it as it was designed to be used and calibrate your lens... If for any reason after calibration, you experience no focus shifting at F4 but you experience it again when closing down, then simply calibrate again in F5.6 if you mainly use the lens between F5-F6.3. I prefer using it wide open, so I prefer setting the sweet spot at F4, but you can chose to do your fine tunning at the aperture you use the most, for better results in that aperture. OEM lenses are usually factory fine tuned at F5.6, so we can also select to do so via our USB docks if we prefer so.

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