Compact wide angle lens?

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Re: Compact wide angle lens?

Scriv wrote:

...15-20mm equivalent. I'm open to Fuji or third party brands, a prime is preferred.... Any recommendations?

New rockstar 10mm f8 fisheye $67 (15mm equivalent)

Of course the Samyang 12 or Zeiss 12 would be better, but also cost far more and weigh more.

IQ is a mixed bag in the first look images, some softness at sides in some images has taken my finger off the ordering trigger until reviews come out.

To be honest, I wouldn't use the above for landscapes, I may just use for casual street. For landscapes the 15mm f3.5 stabilized $100 Fujifilm lens is superb (if you are on a budget) and it is as wide as the 14mm, making it almost fit your 15-20mm equivalent range at 21mm. It is the 15-45mm kit zoom and there are comparison posts on this forum that show it is just as sharp and wide as the 14mm prime, except for slightly weaker corners. It is definitely sharp enough for landscape photography.

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