Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

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Re: Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

PLShutterbug wrote:

topg wrote:

On my Z6, setting d2: Max. Continuous Release should limit the number of shots taken in a single burst, but this only seems to work with the mechanical shutter. While in silent shooting mode with otherwise identical settings, bursts just continue past this max limit without stopping.

Can someone verify? Is this a bug or expected feature?

My Z7 behaves the same way. With the camera in manual mode (top left dial set to “M”) I set d2 to 4 (Nikon! Why didn’t you make this changeable via tapping a number keypad, or at least allowing me to roll from 200 “up” to 1 again? It took me almost a minute to change from the default of 200 to 4! - but I digress).

I just tried and used the rear wheel to scroll through the numbers. Make sure your Controls > Customize command dials > Menus and Playback is ON.

But that's not the easiest way to change the max continuous burst setting. Just hold the down arrow and it will speed through. I agree it would be ideal to roll from 200 back to 1 though. An oversight...

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