Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: Best NR software for High ISO on R5

Hoka Hey wrote:

Lots of NR software is on sale today, Cyber Monday.

What is your favorite noise reduction software for high ISO noise with the R5 and why?

I'm currently getting the best results from LR (actually ACR) and PS but it takes some time to get it right using a subject layer with lower NR, masking and a background layer with higher NR. So, I'd love to streamline this.


Almost the same here. I use one higher noise reduction layer above the original background layer and mask as needed, sometimes varying the opacity of the brush. I dial in a lower amount of noise reduction for the subject in LR before going to PS.

That is, up to now. I have just bought PhotoLab. With DeepPRIME I now see no need for this. I just send from LR to PhotoLab, apply corrections, lens sharpness and noise reduction there, and export back to LR for everything else. No more tedious masking. I now feel that if this is not good enough then it is not worth bothering with the picture in the first place. Maybe except if I captured a rare endemic bird at some insane ISO.

Here is a quick comparison between an LR only and a DeepPRIME processed shot.  The original version is quite good already so this might not be the best example of what this stuff is capable of. The point is that is easier and faster than all previous  Photoshop + various plugins I tried with at least similar if not superior results. The processing is actually not that fast, but you save time on the masking part, which is difficult to do seamlessly.

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