Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

David Lumsden wrote:

Your original sin was setting the shutter speed absurdly high. That’s what drove the ISO way up and robbed your photos’ IQ. All of the recommendations above are right on. Here’s one more: learn to read and evaluate the IFX data both in your camera and in computer software (as all of the responders above have done). Is the shutter speed appropriate to the activity of the subject? Is the f stop giving you a decent depth of field? Is your focus point where you thought it was? Simple rule: extreme IFX need to be rethought.

Also, if your son is moving at 1/8000 of a second, you need to cut back on the sugar.

I definitely went back and read and watched some more videos after the comments. I took some decent photos tonight in the house of him. I'll have to work on lighting more or figure something out because he was blurry from movement or I had to let the ISO up to high to have a decent photo. I am 100x better than this morning when I posted, but I wouldn't be there without all the helpful comments

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