R5: eye AF box and what's displayed in DPP (4.13.x)

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Re: R5: eye AF box and what's displayed in DPP (4.13.x)

PMUK wrote:

pawn wrote:


I just received my R5 a few days and am learning its AF's capabilities. Below is an unprocessed picture that I took with eye AF engaged. Note that the red box displayed in DPP is off the eye.

Is the focus a little off? Or is there a bug in DPP when displaying the red box? BTW, I normally stop down (f/6.x or even f/8) so minor issues like this does not matter to me. I am just curious.



Hi Duy,

Not sure what's wrong with the upload, but no image is being shown.

I don't use DPP much, but you can set your R5 to show you the focus point(s) used during playback which may either help in the first instance, or to check against DPP. (See below).


Thanks Phil

Not sure what happened.  Let's try again:

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