Setting camera parallel to subject

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Re: Setting camera parallel to subject

Ellis and a few others have suggested Zig Align. They are still in business. I looked into them a few years ago and decided (perhaps I misunderstood) that they were really for 4x5 cameras and enlargers, I "thought" you had to be able to "load" the mirror into the body. I see now that they have a system to put in front of a lens (like a filter).

My memory of Zig-Align led me to build a second version or my dual plastic mirror experiment, this time with Zig-Align like "target circles" and WOW, that did improve things. Quite easy to get real close to perfectly parallel

If I could do it all over again, I would just buy the Zig-Align. It isn't that expensive and I spent a fair bit in materials and TIME perfecting my DIY version!

Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions.

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