Compact wide angle lens?

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Scriv wrote:

I'm looking to build a small travel kit based on an XT30. I've already settled on the Fuji 23/f2, 35/f2, and 50/f2 lenses but I want a compact wide angle lens for landscapes. Something in the 15-20mm equivalent. I'm open to Fuji or third party brands, a prime is preferred but I'd consider a compact zoom. Any recommendations?

Just thinking outside the box/lens a bit: it doesn't cost much to practice taking panorama. I travel with just the 18-55 or 18-135 and can still take really wide angle shots (wide angle lens is not wide enough for me)

It's relatively easy: lock exposure, put my left thumb under nodal point of the lens, snap, rotate, snap, ... There're many stitching softwares that automate most of the works, I use the free/open-source Hugin, it's very straightforward.

I'm very lazy, I don't spend more than 10 minutes on a pano. You can see the misalignment of the tree near top-right corner, easy to fix with a mask in Hugin, but I'm too lazy

9 vertical shots, RAF processed in darktable, exported to TIFF, stitched with Hugin.

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