Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

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Re: Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Mostly when calibrating my monitor. I was using the original Photomunki with the iStudio software. According to X-rite it is supported.

It starts calibration with measuring brightness. With the original Photo I needed 15% setting on my monitor with iStudio it was past 100%.
I would recall that I have used iStudio for printer calibration, and I think it worked fine.

But, printer calibration is something I do like once a year, when I start using a new paper.

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Ah, thanks.  I've found the ColorMunki never gave me good screen profiling, so I've always used the X-rite i1 Display Pro for screens and the ColorMunki for prints.

And thanks pixelgenius for the great explanation, but this is getting to the point where my head starts to explode.

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