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Re: DPP4 vs Capture One 20

steveg wrote:

I have an R5 and have not found the conversion time to be noticeably slower than my 5D MK III files. As pointed out though, I have found the time to make adjustments unacceptable. I am currently using a four year old Alienware 15" laptop. I just ordered a Dell XPS 17 with 32 GB of memory, 2 TB SSD, UHD Display, and NVIDIA 2060 6GB. This should give me a big difference over my old PC.

Very few laptops have the grunt of even a mid-range desktop. This is because the laptop CPUs are so heavily throttled back to reduce heat and power consumption that they are nowhere close to a desktop CPU.

Think about the size of even a stock Intel CPU cooling fan & heatsink and an average desktop 700W power supply (and obviously the "infinite" mains power supply) and compare that to the cooling and power supplies from even a decent laptop like a XPS 17 - that will tell you why the laptop can never house a CPU of similar grunt to a desktop (except in very rare & expensive cases perhaps).

As an example, here is a benchmarking comparison between a 3rd gen i5 desktop CPU and a 10th gen i5 laptop CPU, and the ancient desktop CPU is still 50% faster than the brand new laptop CPU.

If you want "real" performance get a desktop (or spend massive dollars on a very high spec gaming laptop) - and perhaps use something other than DPP.

In all seriousness, I just try to plan my conversion so that I am not waiting for DPP. I might go to DPP, open 1,000 RAW files, apply lens corrections and DLO, do a decent number of "spot checks" on whether I want to change WB settings or Picture Styles, and once done wait until the evening when I am not going to use my desktop in the evening, and start the conversion to TIFF and walk away.

Come through in the morning and it is all done.


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