Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

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Re: Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

MHshooter wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

" So i can see why nothing is happening."

No , the problem is that you don't see and can't see.

So tell me then why no substantive progress has been made in nearly a decade? The batteries I had in DSLRs that long ago were as good or better in-terms of storage than the stuff I see now. There have to be hundreds of companies, institutions working on this, I would assume, since battery technology gets more critical all the time.

One, cameras are asked to do more now in terms of processing, so one cannot make a direct comparison across time. Or, rather, one can, but it will be meaningless.

Two, lack of progress ≠ intention.

Three, no huge leaps ≠ no progress

Four, it is not uncommon for progress to be incremental as a technology becomes mature.

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