Rokinon/Samyang 10mm f2.8 vs. 14mm f2.8 vs 16mm f2.0

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Re: Rokinon/Samyang 10mm f2.8 vs. 14mm f2.8 vs 16mm f2.0

soheilk wrote:

Astrozoid wrote:

You will capture the most meteors with the largest true aperture. NOT focal ratio.

Larger apertures capture more photons.

Largest true aperture is the 16mm f/2.

Focal Length / Focal Ratio = Aperture

10mm / 2.8 = 3.57mm

14mm / 2.8 = 5mm

16mm / 2 = 8mm

Wow! All these years I’ve seen aperture number written as f/x but haven’t realized / is for division and the f is for focal length! Such an easy concept! Thank you sir for opening my eyes 👍🏻 16mm f/2 indeed sound like the better choice and it is faster of them all as well! Now I only have to pray that I get a good Rokinon piece from Amazon

Glad to help!

Nothing is nicer, to me, then when a bulb in my slow brain finally goes off and I suddenly understand something new.

Well, thinking more about it... maybe sex might be nicer.


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