Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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Re: Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

Very important though, the A7II EVF is MUCH more clear at 5x magnification than the A7RII at 5.9x for accurate focus magnification. If you prefer magnification to peaking it alone is reason to pick the A7II.

As far as other differences... Let’s be real, 24MP is plenty, more than you need for most anything, especially with manual lenses. Rangefinder lenses need the A7RII BSI sensor. If you need limited silent shooting, A7RII it is. Auto Min SS is nice, and it has better AF if you’re mixing.

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I have a number of vintage lenses I’ve used mostly attached to my Sony NEX-5n. I recently picked up a Sony A7Rii and have used it a bit. I’m considering selling my NEX system and only using the A7Rii. But I wouldn’t mind having a second body just for adapted lenses. The A7Rii seems to be the best fit as it’s full frame and has more Mpx. But is that overkill for these old lenses? Would I be better off with an A7ii at 24 Mpx and IBIS?


The A7II is good, but won't be better than the A7R2, unless you're concerned about RAW file size for fairly low resolution lenses. And the back-illuminated, no-AA filter, sensor will help get more out of pretty much all lenses.

You also gain a few useful features over the A7II, like silent shutter, and min auto-ISO shutter speed.

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