Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Turning off auto ISO or setting a limit should help with your immediate problem here.


It is not the high ISO setting that is causing the problem.

Because setting an ISO limit will cause the image preview in the viewfinder/evf to be underexposed and prompt a reduction in SS or arpeture. Preventing ISO from climbing will allow the user to get to grips with camera controls faster.

I think this is a really important point that seems to go over many peoples' heads, perhaps because it's subtle but still completely decisive. This is probably what Northrup meant when he suggested using ISO as a kind of speedometer, encouraging you to recognise that when it gets too high you need to attend more to the real factors of exposure that are actually within your control to increase light captured. But once you grasp that, letting Auto-ISO drift as high as it wants is the best choice once you've done all you can with SS, aperture and lighting. People in this thread saying that they don't like using auto-ISO because it goes higher than they want are really missing this fundamental point, it seems to me.

I'm not sure how camera manufacturers could make this clearer, but the Nikon UI  does seem to encourage this false mental model of high ISO as the source of noise (i.e. needing to be actively constrained) rather than the symptom of not enough light being captured (i.e. a signal that action should be taken elsewhere).

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