Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

Unfortunately, the internet is a really tough spot to get help. More people are just out to either sound brash or to find confirmation bias than are actually here to help.

I have a Z6 (and many other Nikons)... what I've found is the Z6 applies a pretty heavy "High ISO Noise Reduction" to photos that are shot above 12,800 ISO.

So two steps to try...

1. Check your "High ISO Noise Reduction" and see if it's on High or Auto... if so, try Low or even off. You'll get a little more visible grain in your photos, but they will be a lot sharper (yes, given that you are in focus of course! :)).

2. As others have suggested, check your Auto ISO settings (menu/photo shooting menu/ISO sensitivity settings)... The top line I set to 100, then below I usually set it to on of course then max somewhere between 12,800-20,000, with a minimum shutter of 1/60th if you have young non-shaky hands, or 1/200 if you have any kind of hand shake when you squeeze or do tedious things.

Forum nitpickers will probably tear this apart with a bunch of nonsense bullschit responses, but give these two steps a try and see if you don't find some immediate improvements.

Hope this is helpful (it helps me on my Z6)!

And bonus tip, ignore the aszholes on here who make you feel bad... They are just aszholes and your art is your's to capture however you want to.

Take care,


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