Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

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Re: Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

Stavrosf wrote:

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Stavrosf wrote:


I hope this helps (there is some info about silent shutter on a table, but not about electronic shutter).

“Silent Photography (Shutter)“ is Nikon’s term for electronic shutter.

This is not true.

1) There is D5 option (Shutter Type) where you are using the type of shutter (Auto, Mechanical, Electronic).


Except neither the manual nor the camera refer to it as plain "Electronic shutter" in d5, both explicitly use the term "Electronic front-curtain shutter" there. This is well-understood as an enhancement of the mechanical shutter operation for reducing shutter shock; and what Nikon refers to as "Silent Shooting" (which is what I'm posting about) others such as Canon refer to as "Electronic shutter" (and put on the same Shutter mode menu as EFCS as a separate option, unlike Nikon). You're neeedlessly confusing matters here IMHO by not reading closely enough the sources that you reference.

Anyway, back to pondering the ways of Nikon ...

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