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ericbowles wrote:

MonkeyClaw wrote:

Okay, so this is my last question before I finally order either the X-T4 or the a7iii...

The Fuji ticks pretty much every box and I am only still considering the Sony because it is FF for the same price. I get that the IQ is intrinsically better with a bigger sensor but I keep hearing about the associated great low light performance from the Sony.

Am I right in thinking this translates to not having to use such high ISO when shooting in low light? So on the Fuji I would need to shoot higher ISO for a similar result?

But if the Fuji has better IBIS surely I can shoot same ISO as the Sony but a slower shutter speed? Obviously that's not possible with a moving subject.


Photography is complicated.

Just a question - why is high ISO performance such a big deal for you when you are considering choosing an APS-C camera. You are giving up at least 1.25 stops in ISO performance by using a crop sensor. Among the APS-C cameras, they are all pretty close together and ISO noise would not have a meaningful difference. Full frame cameras are all going to be pretty close to the same whether you choose Sony, Nikon, or Canon. - bold added

If I may add, ISO performance advantage is not linear and the theoretical 1.25 stop advantage can be realized only in very specific applications such as large size printing.

For most applications with a good NR applied, noise difference between modern APS-C and FF is very marginal if at all, imho.

I uploaded a comparison in my reply to OP, if you are interested...

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