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Re: Low light performance

MonkeyClaw wrote:

Okay, so this is my last question before I finally order either the X-T4 or the a7iii...

The Fuji ticks pretty much every box and I am only still considering the Sony because it is FF for the same price. I get that the IQ is intrinsically better with a bigger sensor but I keep hearing about the associated great low light performance from the Sony.

Am I right in thinking this translates to not having to use such high ISO when shooting in low light? So on the Fuji I would need to shoot higher ISO for a similar result?

But if the Fuji has better IBIS surely I can shoot same ISO as the Sony but a slower shutter speed? Obviously that's not possible with a moving subject.


Photography is complicated.

FWIW, I got D850 over D7500 to get more resolution at the same FOV.

After using DxO Prine noise reduction, I have decided noise is not the top concern.


Top is ISO25600 D5600 (APS-C) middle is ISO25600 D750 (FF); bottom ISO12800 D5600

Left is RAW - right is NR by DxO PhotoLab2 PRIME

Other NR SW are expected to be just as good, some even better.

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