What is the point of “Bright Rag?”

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Re: What is the point of “Bright Rag?”

Alexey wrote:


So, I am trying to see what I am missing in comparing the two papers that would warrant the 3x price difference if thickness, brightness, and longevity are very close?

Printer and paper marketing

I've not tested any of these papers (I'm in the UK) but having recently tidied* my print room where I counted over twenty different versions (I should perhaps say labels on boxes/rolls) of matt photo paper I can see relatively few basic sorts of paper. What differs significantly is the ways they are marketed.

Since I don't know the particular foreign papers referred to here, I can only guess what my 'equivalents' from stock might be, but I strongly suspect I've got some

I have a few basic papers I like to use, because I like some of my images on them. I don't actually know much beyond the basic physical specs which hasn't been mauled by the dead hand of marketing

I would have said that of the list above (thickness, brightness, and longevity) only two (thickness/brightness) were meaningful data, but for the fact that I know of at least one paper where the GSM increased when a different label appeared on some of it

Longevity is the real fuzzy one, with a lack of precision and un-disprovability that's a boon to marketing.

Oh and very few companies use the same brightness measures, so that one can be used as you wish, as well...

*The house management is complaining about the number of printers and boxes of paper in the house

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