XT3 embarassment on touch screen

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Re: XT3 embarassment on touch screen

techgirl wrote:

This is quite embarassing. But as it is an issue for which I could find no solution in the event there is anybody else like me I will post it.

I very happily received my new XT3. One of my favorite things is customizing the buttons. I am still trying to appreciate the back focus so I am giving that a go AGAIN. Stepping up from the XT20 I realized I had even more customizations I could do with the swipe feature.

And so I merrily added functionality to the 4 swipes. And then the trouble began. I could only sporadically get my swipes to work. I cannot tell you how many times I reset the camera thinking that there was someting in my customizations that was causing the problem with the unreliable swipes.

And here was the answer - it is a FLICK not a long swipe. Problem solved.

Now here is a problem I have not solved and it happens on my XT20 too. I use the touch screen to often choose where I want the camera to focus. There are a few options....focus, area, shot, off. But often the camera changes the mode I have selected. I find that very annoying - I choose it because that is what I want. I have no idea why the camera changes it - I do not think I am accidentally hitting the scren and changing it. It is easy to fix by hitting it again, but when you have an anxious family just wanting you to get the shot fumbling with the camera is not desirable.



Yeah I hear you -  I have same problem with my XE3 and XT3. The focus/area/shot toggling is particularly annoying, as it DOES seem to keep changing on it's own. I think part of the problem are "nose" presses. Solution is to turn the touch screen off!  That's nuisance on the XE3 because there's no D-pad. The only time I like the touchscreen is for reviewing photos.

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