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Re: "Test and Wow" 100-400

Now that I read Stirr's article - I am 100% in agreement with what he wrote. My experience was, its too hard to find the bird in flight and track it at 1600mm. It's better to wait for a bird to come closer or put yourself in a position where you are closer.

I have the MC14 also. I think it is better in some cases to save the stop of light but it is not as sharp as the MC20. It is sharp enough.

For distant subjects that are not flying the M20 is great. You will see when I post more of the images. What I can say for sure is I have photos for Sunday I would not even attempt with the 40-150PRO and the MC20. They were too distant. Most of that day, most of the subjects were too far away for the 40-150PRO and the MC20. Without the 100-400 and the MC20 I would have returned with maybe 20-25% of the photos I have. Or I would have had to walk to a different part of the park where I could photograph different subjects that are closer. There is no doubt in my mind that having 1600mm in your bag gives you many more photographic opportunities. I agree with Stirr - not for BIF.

Good as it is, I won't be buying an M1X. I could have bought one when I picked up the 100-400 for $1,500 and didn't. I will probably own the EM1.3 someday in which case I might be able to try Bir ID if OLY ports it to this body. The M1X is too heavy for me.

I found shooting at f/13 and ISO from 200 to 3200 no problem at all. I also found shooting 1600mm 1/250 no problem at all. I don't know if there is a sweet spot for shutter speed/ISO. It isn't apparent. The combination is so capable IMO just throw the thing up and fire the trigger. This exceeds my expectations.

I'm not a professional photographer. I don't go out in gloom and rain because I don't have to. I go in the sun because its sun. If I can use f/13 for this, it's as fast as I need. I'll leave earlier when the sun goes down then I would with an f/2.8 lens but I don't need to be able to take every photo there is to take. No matter what I carry there will always be a point where I'll be disappointed if I stay too long. I only need a kit I can use that will work for when I want to be out there taking photos. Since it happens to be in good light f/13 works perfectly well for me. I doubted this before arriving at the park. As I said. The kit exceeds my expectations. I'm very, very pleased with what I see because it gives me many more possibilities for wildlife photography than I have with the 40-150PRO and the TCs.

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