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Re: Leica Q2 M or Leica Q2

Sjak wrote:

It all comes down to personal preferences, and therefore, there's no absolute right or wrong; on the contrary, the same question can get 2 equally good but different answers from 2 different persons And I'm not saying a Mono-cam is an absolute necessity for B&W-images: I also make many nice B&W with my Fuji, Pentax, etc; I just happen prefer the process of a Monochrom-camera, which for me is much less time-consuming.

In addition, I would say that when in doubt, I'd recommend a colour-camera over a Mono-cam.

So in conclusion, both a colour and a mono-camera are very good tools, just different. It's just like talking about what type of car we like most: I highly enjoy driving a convertible, whilst others may argue the trunk-space in a 'vert is limited when compared to a wagon.

This is also how I see it. I absolutely love screwing a 2-stop orange filter onto my lens, mounting the lens on the M10 Mono, setting the ISO to 400 and taking pics as though I'm using Tri-X or HP5+ in an M6. Knowing b&w is my only option puts me in a different mindset.

But I don't have to do it this way to take b&w pics. It's not an either/or thing, just a useful and productive option.


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