Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

Whois wrote:

YetAnotherUnsername wrote:

However, you definitely want to spend some time familiarising yourself with ISO, arpeture and shutter speeds - both individually and their relationship.

Try searching for the "exposure triangle" online but put some time and effort into understanding beyond the basic explanations.

There is a fantastic book about this:

Yes, it is fantastic, in the sense that its treatment of exposure is a fantasy, not reality. The title of the book is unconsciously ironic, since the author offers no evidence that he actually understands what exposure is. "Exposure" has had a precise definition in photography for about 1 and 1/3 centuries. He never mentions this meaning. Instead he seizes on and popularizes a misunderstanding of exposure that seems to have developed with the expanded use of lab-processed roll-film after WWII.

The first edition of the book wasn't a terrible guide for natural light photography with roll film, but when he tried to adapt the book to digital photography he went terribly wrong, perhaps because he believed some of the inaccurate descriptions widely circulating then of how digital cameras work, what the ISO settings was in a digital context, and the causes and nature of noise in digital images.

The book was the published origin of the so-called "exposure triangle" (at least Peterson had the sense not to call it that himself - he called it by the less misleading name of "photographic triangle"). That badly flawed conceptual model is responsible for widespread misunderstanding of the causes of noisiness in digital images, and leads its followers to suboptimal settings selection in certain shooting situations. It also perpetuates the misidentification of image lightness as "exposure".  Usually the explanations presented with the "exposure triangle" also manage to incorrectly explain the effect of ISO setting changes on the camera. The model not only doesn't model exposure - it models image lightness- but it also manages to ignore one of the three parameters of exposure - one that Peterson also mostly ignored in his book - scene luminance.

The book is easy to read and has some nice images in it. This has led to it becoming the highest selling how-to photography book. If you read it , you may well find it easy to understand what the author is saying. Unfortunately, what you will be understanding well will be an inaccurate and incomplete conception of exposure and associated concepts.

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