Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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The A7RII is the "sweet spot"

kwahaus wrote:

I have a number of vintage lenses I’ve used mostly attached to my Sony NEX-5n. I recently picked up a Sony A7Rii and have used it a bit. I’m considering selling my NEX system and only using the A7Rii. But I wouldn’t mind having a second body just for adapted lenses. The A7Rii seems to be the best fit as it’s full frame and has more Mpx. But is that overkill for these old lenses? Would I be better off with an A7ii at 24 Mpx and IBIS?


The A7RII is the sweet spot.

In fact, I just ordered one myself. The A7RII I've been using for years is really property of my research group, and my personal camera has been an A7II, so it was time to upgrade my personal kit and, honestly, I couldn't justify the price difference for anything else from Sony.

I suppose if I was starting cold now I'd have seriously considered a Nikon Z because the mount is a tad better for adapting, but that's an even less attractive deal financially than a comparable newer Sony model.

As for using two cameras: I do that most of the time.

In the mirrorless domain, my first pair was a NEX-7 and a NEX-5, with the NEX-5 really just an inferior second body to save lens changes in nasty environments. However, I found it really useful to pair a FF body with an APS-C second because the characteristics are quite different, for example, my NEX-7 and A7. The A7 only gives 10MP APS-C crop, so the NEX-7's 24MP made it qualitatively different. Here's why I don't bother pairing a FF with an APS-C anymore:

1. A 24MP APS-C + a focal reducer is actually a more flexible choice than a 24MP FF body (it kind of still is), but focal reducers aren't cheap and the quite cheap cost of an A7RII over an APS-C body with IBIS give you 42MP FF, which means nearly 18MP APS-C. I'd like a little more resolution than that, but in truth not many old lenses do much better than that on APS-C at most aperture settings. The 60MP A7RIV delivers 25MP APS-C, which completely kills any advantage for a 24MP crop sensor.

2. As I've discussed here many times, most APS-C native lenses actually can do a bit better using a 1.4X-1.5X teleconverter to upscale the image to FF.

So, what do I pair now?Well, it had been an A7II and A7RII. Now it's going to be two A7RII.

If Sony ever gets a 60MP A7CR out that doesn't just do EFCS and perhaps has the A7SIII menus, that would be the next move for me... but for now, I'm very comfortable with getting a second A7RII new for $1200.

BTW, during the pandemic, I've been avoiding carrying my cameras on trips because I prefer a camera that I can literally wash with soap and water to sanitize it. So, my cell phone has been getting more use on those rare occasions that I've gone anywhere during the pandemic, and I've not taken many photos on those supply-run trips.

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