What is the point of “Bright Rag?”

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OP Alexey Senior Member • Posts: 1,238
Re: What is the point of “Bright Rag?”

Thank you for a suggestion of another good paper.

My main question though is not so much about these two papers, but in choising premium “rags” over similarly specced “regular” papers of the same brand.  The two similarly-specced Moab papers with a huge price difference between them are just an example.  I am sure that other paper companies have similar premium vs similarly-specced non-premium papers in their lineup.

So,  I am trying to see what I am missing in comparing the two papers that would warrant the 3x price difference if thickness, brightness, and longevity are very close?  Am I missing any key characteristics in the look, feel, performance or some other characteristic that warrants the price difference?

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