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gertcher wrote:

JustUs7 wrote:

If you want just one RF lens to start, get the $200 RF 50mm. It’d be a fun way to learn the control ring and compatibility with your new body and wouldn’t break the bank. Should be released soon.

Other more economical lenses include:

RF 35mm f/1.8 IS macro 0.5 ($400 - current sale)

RF 85mm f/2 IS macro 0.5 ($600)

RF 24-105 IS f/4.5-7.1 ($400? I think?)

RF 24-240 IS f/4-6.3 ($700 - current sale)

All will get you into RF glass for less than $700.00 each. None are ‘L’ glass. Kind of defeats your goal of weather sealed though (on account of that big hole where the lens goes).

Cheapest deal in ‘L’ is the 24-105 f/4 for $1,100 or so?

Thanks for that information. From what I have been looking at here in the UK, lenses cost more here. Its going to take some serious research to find a supplier with reasonable prices.

BTW. My new R5 arrived this afternoon, the adaptor has not arrived, from a different supplier, so I cannot put a lens onto the body yet.

Looking and handling the camera, one thing that I was not aware of, as its never been mentioned in any review of this body, if you give the camera a little shake you can feel something moving inside. I put it down the the anti-shake mechanism. Can anyone confirm that?

The sensor is floating, it should be more solid as soon as you put a charged battery in which will lock the sensor. You are correct, the IBIS is the reason for that.

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