Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: Best NR software for High ISO on R5

I have PL4 Elite with Prime/DeepPrime, Topaz Denoise, Sharpen, Megapixel and JPEG-RAW.   I have the Nik Collection which has an early noise removalthat works on JPEGs but is trick and hard to use

DeepPrime does not do JPEGs.    Topaz Denoise does JPEG noise filtering.

I do not use Lightroom.  I want manage to my own image files in Windows file system using Windows tools.   I occasionally use/try Photoshop if PL4 results leave questions.

My work flow depends on the images and some are even are even SOOC JPEG.  I always shoot both RAW and JPEG to both CFE and SD card.  I only ever use the SD card for stills in my computer for ease of use.  I use CFe for video transfers.

Maybe I will switch to CRAW for smaller files once I read more evaluations.  Overall DeepPrime is in the lead for NR IMO.  However, I need more experience because Topaz Denoise is very good and very close to DeepPrime for problem cases.

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