Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

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Re: Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Jamil Abbasy wrote:

Does anyone find that the older ColorMunki units wear out / become inaccurate over time? Are there any benefits to upgrade to the i1 Studio other than it being newer?



I don't think there is some reason the ColorMunki would wear out. There is a lamp in it, that can certainly wear, but the ColorMunki is calibrated before each use and that would take care of it.

The other parts are probably a diffraction grid and a sensor array neither would degrade over time.

My experience with i1 Studio software is that it replaces old bugs with new bugs.

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Thanks Erik.  I did make some profiles a few days ago and they worked really well.  The device and new software seemed to work flawlessly.  The test prints look much better with the ColorMunki profiles over the stock Epson profiles.

What are the bugs you are running into?

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