Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

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Re: Z6 Max Continuous Release - doesn't work with electronic shutter?

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topg wrote:

On my Z6, setting d2: Max. Continuous Release should limit the number of shots taken in a single burst, but this only seems to work with the mechanical shutter. While in silent shooting mode with otherwise identical settings, bursts just continue past this max limit without stopping.

Can someone verify? Is this a bug or expected feature?

The setting basically just protects the mechanical shutter from running continuously and thus possible damage if it’s actuated accidentally in, say a bag, With the electronic shutter it’s not an issue as there are no moving parts. You can take video images all day with no issue too. So I’d say it’s an expected feature, I’d be most disappointed to have my video limited to a few hundred frames

That indeed seems to be the case, but why then does Nikon allow us to set a number for max continuous release? What purpose does a number below the 'safe' maximum for the mechanical shutter actually serve? I'm experiencing some cognitive dissonance here.

What I really want is to be able to shoot bursts in controlled batches without fretting, particularly when shooting live performances, and that's possible with the mechanical shutter but not while silent shooting (essential in some live shows).

Ah, that I can’t help you with but I have found it useful with the mech shutter when taking bursts with flash.  I restrict the burst to 2 or 3 so the flash can do those and then recharge.  Works nicely with remote control at a distance but as you can’t use flash with silent (elec) shutter, not having it in that mode doesn’t matter there either.  But that’s such a weird edge case that I’d be very surprised if that’s actually their logic.

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