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DPP4 vs Capture One 20

This discussion got me curious about processing and conversion speed. I've been using Capture One for years and am familiar with it. I just barely know how to use DPP4.

Below are examples of an image processed with Capture One 20 and with DPP4.

Capture One produced a jpeg in 7.5 seconds. And that occurs in the background, so I can start work on the next image right away. Adjustments are quick, so feedback from making adjustments is just about instantaneous.

DPP4 took 10 times as long: 75 seconds to produce a jpeg. Adjustments usually aren't all that quick.

As for image quality, my lack of knowledge of using DPP4 means that someone used to using DPP4 could probably do better than what I did. So the image quality comparison is less valid than the timing comparison. Also these aren't full size as I reduced them to improve transfer times.

Capture One 20


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