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Re: I'll bite... High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

veeco5150 wrote:

Nice portrait and thanks for sharing!!
However I do feel this is more of a standard typical outdoor portrait ... basically the same sort of portrait work that I produce as well.....

Most of the frame is well exposed as well as the subject ... colors and subject are crisp and pop in the frame and bounce from the background.

Very good portrait, but the technique used above I feel does not have this normal portrait feel .... it's muted contrast and saturation and the entire frame sort of blends together. Subject is definitely in heavy shade due to sun directly behind; so either a fill flash is used (as you did and I feel would usually look more like the image you are sharing), or post processing is making the entire frame more muted and balanced.

True, I examined the original post.  My skies were so bright you could hardly look at them, very harsh even though some light clouds.

Yes, there is too much contrast to be representative of what is being discussed here.

Thanks for the look and input!


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