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MonkeyClaw wrote:

bclaff wrote:

MonkeyClaw wrote:

... I am an amateur astronomer so the Sony will probably give me an advantage if I ever want to get into wide field astrophotography photography at some point.

Yes, this new information would affect my earlier answer.

To be honest it's not something I would base a buying decision on because I might never actually do it. However, it's definitely in the "nice to have" box.

Ideally I can't buy a new camera system every few years, so I want something that gives me a lot of scope for stills and video for the next 5 or 10 years.

e-mount has much better lens selection, and since sony makes the sensors, it's probably the best long-term platform choice on the market today.

for example, looking at the history of milc innovation in the last few years, benchmarks like the a9/a9ii stacked sensor, sony real-time af, sony eyeaf, a7siii lowest rolling shutter numbers on the market today, six e-mount powered zooms for video, etc., sony leads in many categories.

as far as astrophotography goes, the latest sony bodies have so-called "star eater" issues, that some people do not like for serious astro work... you'd be hard-pressed to see it as an issue with the nightscapes that most people shoot, because that's not serious astro work, but it's worth researching for yourself.

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