I am a mediocre photographer, but.......

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Re: I am a mediocre photographer, but.......

WiltshireMoonraker59 wrote:

All these people slagging off AI photo editing software makes me laugh. Technology is forever changing and it is in everything and is designed to make some tasks easier and quicker, what's wrong with that. Film photography is not the Holy Grail of photography, doing it the old fashioned way does not make you a better photographer. Processing film with chemicals was still manipulating an image and lots of things can be done using masks and an enlarger. Photography is an art form just like painting, capturing a good composition using ANY camera is the most important aspect in my view, how you then manipulate that image afterwards, is purely artistic licence and whether you leave it as a straight out of camera image (which incidentally is still a processed image) or use a image editor to change or enhance that image, is not cheating or less professional if the end result is a image that you are proud of.

I never understand the romanticism of living in the stone age. If i can cut my work flow by using AI than I'll use it.

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