Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Shift lens

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Re: Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Shift lens

Hi guys,

I bought one and have tested it with my D850 and GFX 50R. Honestly, I am very satisfied with this lens compared with the price tag. Image quality, it depends on how you compare with. If you really like to compare with Canon 17mm & Nikon 19mm, go with that with a triple price to get the result you may think good. Image sharpness you have to set the lens as F8 or F11 to get the best result.

As a hobby photographer, this lens is great to get a really good result. Using photoshop to make it straight up is different.

By the way, I want to point out using the shift lens is required for some patients. Set your ball head straight right, level it, and shift the lens up or down to make your composition, then re-focus. You will see the difference. I saw many people use it in a wrong way..............


GFX 50R with Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Shift Lens

Nikon D850 with Laowa 15mm f/4.5 Shift Lens

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Venus Laowa 15mm F4.5 Zero-D Shift
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